Tutte le foto e i testi sono proprietà di Francesco Corbetta

Twelve Work in Progress

Photography has always “replied” to the city, taking into consideration its visual complexity, both as an image and as an experience.Walking through the city a special relationship is established with streets and people going along them. Photographying the city is to me a writing activity aimed at a new awareness about communication.

Architectures, streets and squares become a mere pretext to “investigate” man. My work goes so far as to the representation of the figure both as a form in space and as a chromatic reserarch. The close link with pictorial representation, which I was inspired by, is considerable in photography. I was influenced by cubists and futurists, therefore my photographs are obtained through multiple exposures, becoming dynamic both in matter and in form. Thus buildings become light castles in the air, sacred places where people meet and run after each other, immersed in their personal and intimate solitude, following the delirium of contemporary life.  Men are delicate silhouettes, whose identities cannot be identifed. Cold shades turn the place into a temple projected into a metaphysical dimension.

The observer gets involved  in the effort of interpreting the image and stays uncertain between the recognition of the daily reality around him and the change in perception carried out by the artistic action.
The shots are taken with negative film. The “photographic context” is identical to the original negative. The only action in post production is the chromatic reversal.

Francesco Corbetta